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  1. Your work is beautiful. I would love to see more of it posted on your blog.

    I just started selling my own photography, but I still consider myself very much an amateur. It is definitely a thrill to read about someone who is really making a living at it.

    Keep posting 🙂

    1. Hi Katie,

      Thanks for your comment! I started this blog only earlier this year, and in the last several weeks have begun ramping up some new content – galleries and multimedia – to appear soon. I am now also trying to incorporate other types of social media as well. I’ll certainly keep posting if you keep reading!

      You have some nice work on your blog – very vintage feel. You might consider selling stock images making that vintage look your trademark. This guy ( is the best! And his blog is really informative.

      Thanks again.


  2. To nurture and empower the artists community in Sheboygan. Yeah but if your art is not of trees and flowers or political, THEN they snub you off. Happened to several people I know. Its a art clique and if you dont fit a mold your not in. THAT is not nurture !!! That is suppression of the arts !!!

  3. Hey Jeff, You seem like exactly the type of artist Frank is trying to connect with. He is actually an abstract painter, but the community he has developed includes all kinds. You should look them up –

  4. Stephanie, beautiful work! Your photography is amazing. I enjoyed watching the video. Thank you for completing a beautiful day.

  5. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    1. Hello there, from Russia.
      I would have replied sooner, but your post was accidentally put into spam. Sure, you can quote a post in my blog with a link, if you still need it. Curiously, what post were you looking at?

  6. Wow, the presentation is incredible! 😀 Nice Job!! 😉

  7. Hell yeah, Milwaukee represent 😉 Great shots!

    p.s. The mobile version of tis site is working flawlessly 😀

    1. Hey Chris, Thanks for the comment on the mobile version! I have never known how well that translates.

  8. Stephanie, having you & Tom come to the U.P. for Christmas is always special for the rest of the family, too. Playing dominoes was fun. Especially since G-ma & I won.
    Lots of Love, MoM

  9. It was nice having you here for the holidays. We enjoyed your visit, and are looking forward to your next…hopefully this summer. Love You, G-ma

  10. Stephanie, It’s great to hear about your family fun and time with Tom. The extended family rarely gets together and we haven’t seen cousins in years…My family is soooo small now with our parents both gone and the boys in LA for years. But it is always wonderful to spend time with Roxanne and Pam, and we only live three blocks apart now!
    Happy New Year to you and those you love!
    from a cousin I’m sure you barely remember : )

    1. Hi Norine, Thanks for writing. I remember you, though it has been a while since I have been to lower Michigan, as my mother shares photos with me everytime she visits with family there. It sure would be nice if we had another one of those great potluck reunions we used to have so we could all catch up again. Happy new year to you and yours too!

  11. Haha, you look very afraid of those penguins 😉 Very Cool!

  12. Sweet! Quite impressive, Steph!

    Hope you’re staying warm; haven’t left the apt in days! Even had the driver pick up packs of DRUM tobacco for me!

    1. Thanks, Hari! Trying to stay warm. Playing with new camera toys indoors this weekend. Bought a Rodeo stereo mic for my camera so I can start shooting videos.

  13. YEAH!! YEAH!!! I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I am so excited! AND YEAH to cocktails and lobsters!

  14. Hi Stephanie: Your mom sent us your blog about the recipe book. Wow, we are impressed. Yes, those pancakes look good! We will look forward to seeing and reading more. Love, Bill and Janis Book, Marquette, MI

    1. Hi Bill and Janis! So good to hear from you guys on here. I’d love to get a recipie from you if you have a favorite-famous family recipe. Email it to me or my mom. Take care!

  15. cute photos…love the 1st one where she’s looking over her belly.

  16. I was there. It was a great day. That was my birthday present to myself. Happy belated birthday!!!

  17. Very cool! Reminds me a need to buy a decent newish bike one of these months..

  18. I loved reading this story, reliving all the excitement and nervousness of a new bike commuter. I’m glad to hear that everything is going well!

    I’m surprised to hear that you rode on Sheridan and Ashland. Those are two streets that I will never ride on, even though I live right by Ashland. There are a lot of alternate streets that are much calmer for bike traffic. If it works for you, that’s all that matters, though.

    Thanks for playing the games, too!

  19. Happy to hear things are going well. I keep picturing you at 5 riding on the street for the 1st time & crashing into the back of that car bumper. I’m sure that was a good lesson learned. Please be safe. 🙂

  20. “As usual Steph, I’m proud of ya!” Says G-ma
    Auntie Lois says, “Me too!”

  21. Steph, these look amazing! Nice work!

    1. Hey Charail, thanks for the comment! Don’t know if I’ll run into you, but I’ll be seeing Jessica on Sunday. Hope you have a good visit too!

  22. The best Senoir photos I’ve ever seen….Love them all! Poor Judy…how to choose which photos to print.

  23. Steph, you don’t know me but I have coffee with your mom every Friday. She always talks about what a talented photographer you are and I can see why. These photos are GREAT!!! Robyn

    1. Thanks, Robyn! My mother tells me about the group. Nice to hear from you.

  24. so cute…great photos

  25. I really like the graffiti wall & bench photos the best. You are so crative. I’m proud of you & your work. Mom

  26. The photographer deserves kudos, too! Well done all around!

    — Hari

  27. You two are perfect. I love the pictures

  28. Amazing! Look at Facebook to see photos by Annette & Mike, Barb & Mike, & Carol & Rich. I’m glad I live in Tennessee.

  29. This is cool, I mean Cold.

  30. Beautiful photos. I can see why you had trouble picking them. I want to see all of them. Great job! Congrats…

  31. I wish my backyard looked like that!! :O

    Great shots!

  32. Looks great, Steph.

  33. Wonderful photos. You are always so creative.

  34. I remember the sunlight didn’t last long that day. Nice shootin’ Tex!

    p.s. Go Packers 😉

  35. Love the tunnel photos at Hubbard Park. And the racing hot dog is hilarious!

    1. I know! I crack up STILL everytime I see that photo. Oh, there are some guests dancing and then… Oh! Wait. What’s that? A giant hog dog dancing in the background?!!

  36. Great photos. So crative!

  37. If that family had chemistry, you were the chemist! Nice shots.

  38. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with our family! We will treasure these pictures today and forever!

  39. Gorgeous. what a adorable baby. I love the black and white of Mom and Dad, she is gorgeous too!

    I love the Cultural Center what an amazing shot you really captured the awesomeness of that stairwell!!

    1. Thanks, Steph! And they certainly are an incredibly gorgeous couple.

  40. Great as usual 🙂

  41. Wonderful…will have to photograph our family this spring 🙂

  42. Some of your best work. Love the black background.

  43. adorable! Did you need a permit for the cultural center? I am looking for an indoor location to take some pictures of my family this winter.

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